Santa Croce Camerina
Ragusa - Southern coast of Sicily

The position of the village, the weather, the sea, the incredible local cusine, the hospitality and the home feeling will make you spend some relaxing and unforgettable days in this part of Sicily.

Just a few minutes away from some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Sicily

Punta secca

Punta Secca, locally nicknamed “A Sicca”, is a small southern Italian fishing village and hamlet (frazione) of Santa Croce Camerina, a municipality in the Province of Ragusa, Sicily.
The locals call it "a sicca" probably due to the presence of a small formation of rocks in front of the eastern beach.

Torre di Mezzo

Torre di Mezzo (or Torre di Pietro) is a coastal defense tower and is located in the small village of Torre di Mezzo, in the municipality of Santa Croce Camerina in the province of Ragusa on the Mediterranean coast.
Of the square base tower, today only a few ruins remain, subjected to partial restoration in the years 1994/95

Il Castello di Donnafugata

The Donnafugata Castle is located 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) away from Ragusa in Sicily, Italy. The current construction, contrary to what the name may suggest, is a sumptuous noble residence of the late 1800s.
The dwelling overlooked what were the possessions of the rich Arezzo family De Spuches.
Since the arrival, the castle reveals its sumptuousness: the building covers an area of about 2500 square meters and a large facade in neo-Gothic style, crowned by two side towers welcomes visitors.

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